Finding order from chaos, beauty within pain, and hope from despair, the artist Mel Odom's career has spanned several of our generation's most tumultuous cultural decades. His innate ability to process, through his work, the events surrounding him and his life are viscerally transformed into a dream-like state of bliss in his art and in his creation of memorable objects of desire.

Screen 1979 8-1/2"x11-1/4"




DuPont 2014 20"x25" Oil on board




Oil on board

Girl with Stars

Originally drawn for the book cover of Jon Cohen’s “Max Lakeman and the Beautiful Stranger” this 1990 drawing held it’s powers beyond the original purpose and became a favorite drawing of mine.  A composition of rhythmic, curving lines is punctuated by the sharp points of stylized stars and star-shaped flowers.   The deep waves of her titian hair have mysteriously captured a few stars to better frame her heart shaped face as she tries to hypnotize you.

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